sexy teen amanda

Welcome to my site! I'm Amanda and I just turned 18. I'm a petite 5'1" and 95lbs. My hair is blonde and I am almost done wearing my retainer. Thank goodness! I had braces for my freshman and sophomore years, so I can't wait to finish! It's so nice to finally be finished with high school.

I started my site meet new friends and to start saving money to go to college. I've had limited experience with sex, but I really like my body. I'm curious what other people think of me too. I get frustrated sometimes because guys are afraid to approach me. I think it's because I look so young.

I've always been a computer nerd, talking on chat boards ever since junior high. Some of my friends helped me put this site together, and even help with some of the pictures and videos. I really like when I touch myself and my friends, and make sure what you see is of the highest quality. I want to look my very best for you!

My site is the only place you can see me. I don't want to show off for other guys. I want to save myself for the guys that really want to see me. So if you like what you see now, you'll TOTALLY LOVE what's inside. I want you to see how "Sweet" I really am!